Twists and Turns

My passion is writing.  I like to write about the unexpected twists and turns found in odd facts of American history.  I try to be unbiased when writing nonfiction, but since I love those twists and turns, my writing turns out to be a quirky version, yet told with honesty.  I ask the unusual questions.  I look for mystery in every situation and I love historical accounts of real life families.  I’m not the kind of historical author who follows every step of the war history.  I am a family history writer:  if a member of the family served in the U.S. army, I would write about that from a distance, as a woman might have seen her husband returning from active duty.  A film example would be from Gone With the Wind, the 1939 version of Civil War days, when Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard, the actor) is walking up the dusty road to Tara, tattered and torn from his years as a captain in the Confederate Army.  Melanie Wilkes (Olivia de Havilland, the actress), his long-suffering wife, sees Ashley from a distance and runs dramatically down to meet him.  They embrace, the music swells, and in that dramatic moment we know all we need to know about wars and long separations between families, and the agonizing longing a woman endures.

My current fascination with history centers on some of the lesser-known stories surrounding the California Gold Rush days.  In this blog, my readers will find some of the ones I’ve recently been discovering in family research and reading old books and letters.  So that is what you will find here, as we journey along the path of the 49ers, those twists and turns ‘round every corner—