Tracing and chasing the past

 Emily Freeman McCallum

Emily Freeman McCallum

After a long weekend of web searches to trace my ancestor’s genealogical footsteps, I have tentatively decided that this approach is not the best way to go.  There are leads, but not much more definitive answers for my inquisitive mind than when I started.  An example is when I found an online family tree to explore.  Emily Freeman McCallum, my great-great grandmother on my mother’s side, is case in point.  In the Katherine Ainsworth book, The McCallum Saga, published in 1974 or thereabouts, Emily is referred to as a mystery.  Not much was known about her then, and in forty years nothing new has come to light.  We are left to wonder and speculate and, frankly, to make up stories about her part in J. G. McCallum’s Palm Valley (the area now known as Palm Springs) venture.  Did she love his enthusiasm for the desert or was she always longing to return to Northern California, where they lived for twenty years.  Are there documents up north where one might find a clue? Online I have not yet even found a copy of their marriage certificate, or a date, or anything like that.  I think  it might be tucked away somewhere in an old church in Amador County!

Now that would be a find!  I think a road trip up the Hwy 49 is calling me.


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